Whether you are a first-time apartment renter or a seasoned tenant seeking for a new apartment in California, the process can be overwhelming. You already have identified a specific apartment and want to move in. It is paramount you know much about the apartment owner, your responsibilities, landlord’s responsibilities, and the rent payment process. Here are little known things that may make you regret your decision of choosing a specific apartment Torrance CA.


Failure to get renter’s insurance

It does not register in the minds of tenants that disasters can strike when they have rented an apartment. While the landlord may have insurance for the property, it may not cover personal belongings of the tenant. Consider buying a renter’s insurance policy to protect yourself from such uncertainties. Don’t just think about the rent alone.


Signing the tenancy agreement without inspecting the property

You need to schedule a walk-through together with the landlord to inspect the property before signing the lease. It allows you to test the shower, hot water, faucets, light fixtures, and toilets. Ensure the appliances are working properly including the freezer and refrigerators. Also, inspect the apartments for things like rodents and insects especially around the sinks, bathrooms, and toilets. Signs of dropping or leaks should be a red flag for the possibility of having insect invasions or problems with rodents.


Not reading the lease agreement

The lease agreement may seem a long and boring document but taking your time to read it can make a big difference. The problem with this document is that once you have signed your name, the deal is done. You need to know what you can or can’t do. For example, if you wanted to do some changes in the apartment’s interior structures, you may need to seek approval of the landlord. You can fix a burned out bulb, however, you may not change the wardrobe or other permanent structures in the room.

Don’t let excitement contribute to a bad decision in finding an apartment. These things can make your tenancy experience miserable the moment you move in. Pellegrino Apartments provides you with apartment rental solutions. You can choose from a wide range of apartment in bareas such as Torrance, Montego, Inglewood, and Gardena.


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