Pellegrino Apartments is one of the best apartment resources for those who are looking for a new apartment to rent in California. You can browse through our online catalog of apartment listings by using the navigation menu. We represent apartments in several regions such as Covina, Gardena, Inglewood, Lawndale and Torrance. Some of the different apartments we represent are Alta Vista, Pacific Breeze, Lark Ellen, and Raymond Manor. You can find all the information you need on the property listing page.

Usually, we will list three telephone numbers including office, fax and cell phone. The property details page provides information such as address, manager name, building name, and number of units. There is a short description on the number of rooms in the apartment. You can check out the photo gallery to get an idea on how the properties look. If you are interested in a property, you can call the manager by using the listed telephone number and arrange for a time to take a tour of the place of your choice. Before applying, make sure you prepare the necessary documents including CA identification, paycheck, and application form. The apartments are not dog friendly so you can’t keep dogs inside the buildings. However, some properties allow cats for an additional deposit. You can call and ask the property manager about the pet policy of the building.

If the any of the systems in the unit are damaged, the landlord will be responsible in paying for the repair unless it happens as a result of your actions. Our properties are leased for a minimum period of one year. Tenants are not allowed to rent out the rooms in the apartments. The rental or lease application can be downloaded online. Tenants will be able to conveniently make payments for the rental and submit maintenance request online. Learn more about us at


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